Nueces Minerals Company owns all of the executive mineral rights pertaining to approximately 72,000 contiguous acres located in southwestern McMullen County, southeastern LaSalle County, and northwestern Duval County, Texas. In 1975, Nueces Land and Livestock Company sold the surface of these lands. Nueces Land and Livestock Company simultaneously sold 100% of the mineral executive rights and 10% of the economic rights to Nueces Minerals Company.

Nueces Minerals Company has been lessor of the land since 1975.  The leases provide for data delivery by the lessee to Nueces Minerals Company.  This data is available to a lessee for inspection during normal business hours.

Prospective Horizons

This brief synopsis of geologic prospects and select well and field data provides initial exposure to some of the data collected by Nueces Minerals over the decades.  Nueces Minerals has well records on virtually every well ever drilled on the property.  As can be seen on the map, these wells cover a large area of currently unleased acreage. With today’s improved technology and better pricing, there are opportunities to be exploited that were uneconomic previously. Nueces Minerals can provide significant amounts of data including both 2D and 3D seismic, complete logs, and field reports.